Joes Bait Shack

Joes Bait Shack is the Local Store that Carter and Joe Mason work at.In the beginning of the movie,it shows Carter Mason working in the bait shop wearing the usual bait shop uniform.When Carter met Rosie/Rosalinda,Rosie wanted to learn "chores" in Carters Bait Shack and she did Inventory.Carter told Rosie to count whats in a random container (which is full of Wax Worms) and put it in a red bucket.And when Rosies done,she counts whats in all of the rest of the other containers in a tall shelf.She start to count it and after that all the bait fell on Rosie which causes a big mess in the shack.


  • Carter said that she used to work in a shop of frozen yogurts and now she got a new job which is the bait shop and she also said the bait shack was only a step up.
  • The Bait Shack is close to the Masons House and the house is located in Lousiana in Lake Munroe.
  • Working in a bait shop also includes chores.

Definition of Bait Shop/ShackEdit

Bait Shack/Shop is a store/shop where you buy or sell items that has something to do with fishing for example a bait shack sells worms,fishing rods,fish hooks,fake bait,real live bait etc. and a bait shack is close to a lake like Heart Lake


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