Princess Protection Program a.k.a. Princess Protection Programme in the United Kingdom is a 2009 Disney channel movie. It garnered a total of 8.5 million viewers on it's premire night on June 26,2009. It stars 2 of the most popular actresses of Disney channel best friends Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.



Princess Rosalinda (Demi Lovato) of the small Latin American nation of Costa Luna is about to be crowned queen upon reaching majority. Inexplicably, General Kane, the dictator of a neighboring country, is able to massively infiltrate her palace with his agents during her coronation rehearsal a month before the real thing and attempts to assassinate her while effecting a coup d'etat against her regime. Luckily, Joe Mason, an agent of the the Princess Protection Program (a secret organization funded by royal families that looks after endangered princesses) is able to whisk her away to safety via helicopter because Gen. Kane’s agents failed to secure her rooftop helipad. They did however succeed in capturing her mother, the Queen.
The Princess Protection Program places Princess Rosalinda in Mr. Mason’s home (as she refuses to trust anyone else) in rural Louisiana to keep her hidden. There she meets his daughter Carter (Selena Gomez), an insecure tomboy who works at the local bait shop and dreams of going to the school dance with her crush, Donny. In becoming a normal teenager, Rosalinda takes up the name Rosie and soon becomes popular at school, which Carter must learn to handle. The two become close friends, with Carter teaching Rosie to act like a normal American girl, and Rosie helping Carter to find her inner princess.
Meanwhile, General Kane plots to marry Rosalinda’s mother, ostensibly in order to legitimize his rule, but also to draw Rosalinda out of hiding so that he can ambiguously marry her, place her on the throne as a puppet, kill her as her father, the late King’s, legitimate heiress, or kill both her and her mother to wipe out the royal family.
Joe Mason understands that if Rosie knows General Kane is forcing her mother into marriage, then she will want to give herself up in order to placate his need to secure his rule. He also knows that Gen. Kane is likely to simply kill Rosie if he can get his hands on her. Unfortunately, Mr. Mason fails to recognize the threat that the popular girls at school pose, and they tell Rosie about Gen. Kane’s plan to marry her mother and try to “encourage” her to leave by destroying her and Carter’s dresses.
Rosalinda is distraught but agrees to wait to return to Costa Luna until after the dance. To acquire new dresses, Carter calls Rosalinda’s dressmaker, Mr. Eligante, and asks him to send some, and also make a plan with him to save Rosie, the queen, and Costa Luna. Mr. Eligante sends the dresses and he informs the General of Rosalinda’s whereabouts(which is part of the plan). Gen. Kane flies to Louisiana with only a few men in order to try to abduct Rosie. But again, Gen. Kane’s agents fail to actually secure the helipad on top of the school. Mr. Mason and his Princess Protection Program agents bribe or sneak their way into Gen. Kane’s helicopter and arrest the General while his men offer no resistance (Although the agents promise to turn him over to “the international authorities,” this would be the first time in history that a ruling head of state has been arrested on foreign soil, but it is also the first time a ruling head of state has personally traveled to another country to abduct someone).
At the end, Carter realizes what a jerk Donny is and goes to the dance with Ed, who is her best friend and has had a crush on her for a long time. In the ends, Rosie is crowned Queen of Costa Luna. Carter and Ed cheer, "Long Live Queen Rosie!" and Rosie walks down the aisle with Carter proud and smiling.

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